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Today, millions of people pay too much for their insurance. And millions more, trying to save money, get their insurance from smaller companies that offer only limited benefits. So, in an emergency, when they need their

Why spend more than have for your insurance?

We are committed to finding you the highest quality U.S.$ insurance at the lowest possible price, while providing the highest level of customer service. Here at Global Insurance Consultants, we have insurance specialists, support staff, and software that has been specifically designed to make buying medical and life insurance as easy and affordable as possible.

Why Pay Money To Insurance Companies That You Can't Rely On?

We only offer plans issued and backed by the finest, most reliable U.S. insurance companies. Many of our current clients came to us after their previous insurance provider refused to pay their claims. Don't make the same mistake. See Companies We Represent.

Let us do the difficult work for you.

Just spend a few minutes in the privacy of your own home or office, and we'll do the research for you. Our clients are saving as much as 75% on their premiums.

We Are Truly Objective.

At Global Insurance Consultants, we are not owned, employed, or controlled by any insurance company, so we can remain totally independent and objective, and loyal to you. No salesman will ever call, unless you request it. And our service is always free to you.

We have the best prices available.

If you find that the information we provide you is valuable, we hope you will choose to buy your insurance through us. When you do, the insurance company pays us. We never charge you a fee. We offer the best prices available for these policies. Your premium would be exactly the same if you tried to buy from the insurance carrier directly. We make it simple and convenient, and give you more, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, when you buy through us.

How much personal attention can you expect?

As much as you want! We give you the choice of dealing with us directly (online and/or by phone, fax, or e-mail) or, if you choose, we can introduce you to one of our local affiliates to take you through the process personally. Simply send us an e-mail at contact us and we will forward your details to someone close by who can help, at your convenience, whenever you have questions or requests.

Can this be kept private?

Your privacy is extremely important to us. We only ask for information that is required by the insurance companies in order to give you an approval, and we will never disclose the personal information given to us by our clients to anyone else. For a complete explanation, please refer to our privacy policy.

How do we do it?

Like many other industries that have been transformed by recent advances in information technologies, the insurance industry has become much more competitive in the last several years. Today, many high-quality insurance programs have lower costs than similar plans sold just a few years ago. Global Insurance Consultants has identified the most competitive plans available to residents of your country and made them available to you directly.

We represent these top companies that offer plans for non-U.S. residents:

- Aetna
- Azimuth Risk Solutions
- Cigna
- GeoBlue
- Global Benefits Group
- Goodhealth
- HTH Worldwide
- Met Life
- Seven Corners

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We'll help you find the best insurance values available in your area.