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Follow these easy steps to select and apply for the coverage you and your family need:

Step 1:
Find The Right Type of Plan
- First, you need to decide if you require long term or short term coverage. If you are planning on spending MORE than 12 months out of your home country you will need a long term international health insurance plan, (click here for more details). If you will spend a year or LESS overseas, or if you are a non-US citizen and are visiting or recently moved to the US, you need a travel medical insurance plan, (click here for more details).

Step 2:
Compare Rates and Coverage Details
- Next, you need to see what the various plans will cost and how the coverages compare. If you need a long term international health insurance plan, click here to get side-by-side cost comparisons from the top providers of these plans. To see side-by-side coverage comparisons, contact us for a copy of our "How To" Guide on choosing the proper plan. If you need travel medical insurance, (12 months or less out of your home country), click here to compare rates and coverage details. In either case, please feel free to contact us at any time for help with the rates and/or coverage details.

Step 3:
Apply or Request an Application
- Lastly, you need to send us an application (at no cost nor obligation). For long term health insurance, once the proper plan has been selected, you can either print out an application or ask us to send you one by email or post . With most of the travel medical plans, you can apply directly online and secure your coverage in minutes, click here to see how. In either case, our Customer Service Reps. are standing by to help you through the application process. We encourage you to let us help you with the application, since it is a crucial step in the process. Once we receive your application, we review it and send it in for processing. At this stage in the process, a Customer Service Rep. will be assigned to your case to work with you step by step until you are approved for coverage and the policy and ID cards are in your hands.