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Goodhealth's Central and South American operation is run out of Bermuda with a service center and claims management unit based Miami, Florida. The company has strong presence in the Caribbean, Central and South America and is expanding presence into Mexico.

Goodhealth's European operation is run out of London. Whilst active in most European countries the company has strong presence in Spain, France, Benelux and Poland and an expanding network throughout several more Eastern European countries. They service over 100 Brokers and Independent Financial Advisors in these countries.

Goodhealth's Asia Pacific operation is run out of Hong Kong with a branch office in Jakarta, Indonesia. Whilst active in most Asia Pacific countries the company has a strong presence in China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore and Thailand and an expanding network in the Philippines, Australia and Japan. They service around 110 Brokers and Independent Financial Advisors in these countries.

Goodhealth distributes two products throughout these locations - the International Healthcare Plan (IHP) and the Premiere Plan. IHP is the flagship program and has been developed for expatriates and top executives who require high-benefit medical expenses cover that is available wherever they or their families are in the world. Premiere is a top-up healthcare insurance product and ensures that expatriates in France receive a full refund for any medical expenses they incur over and above the cover they receive through the French state medical system.

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